Debris recycling plants

Alquezar design and manufacturers turnkey debris recycling installations, in agreement with its environmental protection commitment policy.

The actual debris is a very heterogeneous material, which can come from remains of excavations, remains of demolitions or remains of bricklaying.

The debris from bricklaying remains, is a very diverse material, difficult to classify, as it usually has remains of metal, plastic, brick, mortar, wood, paper, board, etc. To separate and classify this type of remains, Alquezar incorporates the latest technology, installing electromagnets to separate metals, air blowers to eliminate light plastics, rotary screens to separate sand and small-sized inert materials. Finally it passes through some manual sorting booths, to classify glass, wood, board, etc.

The debris reaches the recycling plant and it is introduced into the installation by means of a reception hopper, protected with a grating to eliminate large-sized materials. This material is unloaded by belt conveyors and is taken by a belt system through different classification and sorting stages.

Depending on the type of material to be processed and the type of material to be obtained, crushing and classification stages for inert materials can be installed.


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