Vertical shaft impact crushers, ZS series

The production of Alquezar ZS vertical grinding mills varies from 50 tn/h to 100 tn/h. They are ideal for the secondary and tertiary crushing stages and as shape correctors, as the impact crushing provides for perfect cubic-shapes.

The vertical crushers are available in two versions: standard, where the crushing takes place due to the impact of the material against the actual material, obtaining rounded edge aggregate with a small percentage of fine grain, and the version with impact plates, where the aggregate knocks against cast iron hammers producing sharp edged crushed material and a higher content of fine grain.

Autogenous “rock on rock” crushing, compared with “rock on plates” crushing with impact plates

The Alquezar mills are designed with maximum operating economy in mind, optimising the durability of the wear parts and minimising the maintenance operations and consumable replacement times. The operation costs of the Alquezar ZS mills are 60 to 86% less than the operation costs of traditional bar mills. The costs are reduced because of the rotor wear linings and the change of the cast iron hammers in the version with the impact plates.

The ZS series is comprised of high-performance machines with which the granulometric curve of the material can be adjusted by varying the rotation speed of the rotor and with which an aggregate with an excellent shape coefficient and with few internal fissures is obtained, perfectly satisfying the strictest quality requirements. The rotor can be adapted to the size of the aggregate processed, using closed rotors for aggregate of up to 30 mm and open rotors for larger aggregates.


Model ZS-80 ZS-100
Feedstock capacity (t/h) 50-90 65-100
Maximum feedstock size with closed rotor (mm) 30 30
Maximum feedstock size with open rotor (mm)  100 100
Installed power (kw) 132-200 160-200
Rotor speed (m/s) 54-77 40-60
Machine weight, basic version (Kg) 7.000 10.000

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