Accessories and equipment

Alquezar manufactures and supplies individual machines, equipment and miscellaneous accessories related to concrete plants and installations.


– Concrete mixers
– Cement silos
– Filler silos
– Additive scales
– Fibre dosing devices
– Belt conveyors
– Weighing belts
– Aggregate feeders
– Cement screw conveyors
– Aggregate stockpiling system
– Pneumatic transport systems and cement and filler stockpiling
– Humidity measuring devices
– Concrete consistency and plasticity measuring devices
– Weighing scales
– Cement filters
– Decompression filters and sleeves
– Cement and filler honeycomb feeders
– Aggregate, cement, filler and water by-passes
– Pneumatic systems and installations for concrete plants
– Pneumatic silo fluidification systems
– Enclosure structures for concrete plants


Main Location

Polígono de Malpica, c/F, naves 19-20, 50.016 Zaragoza – España (Spain)
+34 976 57 24 10

International Projects

Europe, Africa, Asia and America

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