Horizontal double shaft mixers AMH

Horizontal double shaft mixers for productions of 1 to 4 m3 compacted concrete. They can achieve a homogeneous mix in just 20 seconds with fresh concrete and 60 seconds with dry concrete.

The horizontal double shaft AMH mixer admits aggregate of up to 150 mm, thanks to the design of the mixing arms, whose position can be changed depending on the aggregate size.

The mixer vat is entirely coated with non-wear sheet metal lining, whilst the mixing arms are made of cast iron.

The transmission system is comprised of two electrical motors and two planetary reducers, driven by V-belts, so as to provide the mixing shafts with a synchronised movement.

The AMH Alquezar mixer incorporates an automatic lubrication unit as standard equipment, which permanently greases the mobile parts of the mixer.

The discharge outlet is activated by a hydraulic cylinder with its relative hydraulic unit. It also has a manual emergency pump to open the lid in the case of electricity supply failure.

The mix shaft bearings are mounted on independent supports and have no contact at all with the concrete. The sealing of the mixer shafts is comprised of a series of labyrinths with lubricated gaskets.

Model AMH-1500 AMH-3000 AMH-4500 AMH-6000
Capacity (l) 1.500 3.000 4.500 6.000
Fresh concrete (l) 1.250 2.500 3.750 5.000
Mixed concrete (l) 1.000 2.000 3.000 4.000
Mixing time (s) 30 35 35 35
Discharge  time (s) 12 15 15 15
Mixed concrete production (m3/h) 48 96 144 192
Input power (Kw) 1 x 37 2 x 37 2 x 55 2 x 75
Power of the hydraulic unit (Kw/CV) 1,5 1,5 2,2 2,2
Weight without load (Kg) 5.550 6.900 10.100 11.500

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